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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Britney Spears's kidnap fear for kids

Britney Spears's kidnap fear for kidsBritney Spears fears that her kids might be kidnapped.


The singer's divorce from Kevin Federline became official on Monday, July 30, and her lawyer Laura Wasser asked the Los Angeles Superior court judge to seal the child custody portion of the couple’s split.


Wasser, in a declaration to the judge, asked for this because Britney fears that if details of the specific timeshare schedule and transportation matters become public knowledge, it could put her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James at danger.


"Criminals ... might target the minor children for financial gain," TMZ quoted Wasser, as stating in the declaration.


Wasser also states that if made public, the media would have "a greater ability to ascertain the physical whereabouts of the minor children."

"Such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the media could threaten the safety of the minor children by, for example, causing a traffic accident or by exposing the minor children to criminals who might target the minor children for financial gain," she stated.

The judge granted Wasser's motion to seal the custody documents temporarily, pending a full hearing on Aug. 14. He also agreed to keep the child support provisions under wraps.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Jessica Alba's not attracted to sex scenes

Jessica Alba's not attracted to sex scenesJessica Alba's male fans might be upset, for the actress is not interested in steaming the lens with her bare all shots or sex scenes.


The 26-year-old insisted that she was more fascinated by 'innocent' roles.


"I'm attracted to roles that are more innocent," the Sun quoted Alba, as saying.


"I haven't done a sex scene and I've never done nudity," she said.


The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer star also admitted that she's more than a bit clumsy.


"The other day I closed a door on my head. I know I usually play co-ordinated people, but I'm not one, she added.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Did the Paparazzi Commit Battery on Britney Spears's Son?

Did the Paparazzi Commit Battery on Britney Spears's Son? That is what the singer claims.


Britney Spears alleges that her son was hit Thursday night during a Las Vegas brawl between her bodyguard and a photographer at the Wynn Hotel and Casino.


Spears told the police that one of her sons, who is not being named, was assaulted during an altercation between the photographer and her security.


Police did not charge the photographer with any crime, but the bodyguard involved in the fight, Julio Camera, was charged with misdemeanor battery.

Spears then filed a crime report saying that a second photographer had hit her son and her bodyguard in an earlier clash, according to Yahoo Splash news.

The two incidents are currently under investigation by law enforcement.

Spears had flowed with her two sons, along with her brother, to Las Vegas on Wednesday. The trip irked her ex-husband Kevin Federline, who did not know about the trip. According to California law, a parent is not allowed to take a child out of the state without written permission from the other or by obtaining a court order.


Lindsay Lohan's Dad Gives Jail Time Warning

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Gives Jail Time WarningLindsay Lohan's estranged father Michael has warned jail time could spell bad news for his troubled daughter.


The actress is facing possible jail time after being arrested for the latest in a series of drinking whilst intoxicated incidents, but Michael Lohan says the maximum his daughter should get is only a couple of days behind bars.


"I think the first 24 - 48 hours of any jail time is good enough to serve a person. It's a very, very trying process," he tells Access Hollywood.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jessica Simpson Won't Do a 'Porn Star'

Jessica Simpson Won't Do a 'Porn Star'Starlet Jessica Simpson prefers keeping her clothes on than win an Oscar tells her father Joe Simpson about his daughter who recently rejected a movie offer in which she would have to play as a Porn star.


"The last script that came to us was for Jessica to be a porn star," Jessica's father and manager, Joe Simpson, told PEOPLE.


"We were promised we would win an Oscar with that," says Simpson, 49. "I was like, 'Eh, we'll just buy a [statue of a] little man and keep our clothes on.' "


The Dukes Of Hazzard star has put forth her movie career in full swing since her split with ex husband Nick Lachey.


Papa Joe is currently promoting ABC's fall series The Women's Murder Club which he is producing with Rush Hour director Brett Ratner.

"They're very busy, and they're happy," Joe Simpson told of his daughters, Jessica and Ashlee. "Jessica has three more movies to shoot; she has a new record coming in September. If the right role came up, of course, we'd never turn that down."

"We're pitched those a lot," Joe Simpson told of some of the reality TV series offers they get for Jessica since her 2003 MTV reality show Newlyweds with Lachey. "There are a lot of cool ones, and a lot of really strange ones."


Friday, July 27, 2007

Jennnifer Aniston splits with British Model

Jennnifer Aniston splits with British ModelJennifer Aniston is looking for love once again after breaking up with her British bricklayer-turned-model beau Paul Sculfor.


Sources say that the couple, who were spotted on secret romantic dates in May this year, had decided to call it quits because of their conflicting interests.


It seems that Aniston and Sculfor had not seen each other for weeks before they broke up after he flew back to the UK for a photo shoot.


An insider revealed that though there had been unmistakable chemistry between the two, Aniston and Sculfor wanted different things.


"There was chemistry, but the truth is that Jen wants to settle down with a reliable man and start a family. Paul travels a lot and is constantly surrounded by beautiful women," The Sun quoted the insider, as saying.

"They remain friends, but are just in different places," the source added.

A source revealed to Life and Style Weekly that another reason for the break-up was because her pals were concerned she was getting too close to Sculfor without knowing him.

"Courtney Cox and other friends were concerned that she was becoming close to Paul without really knowing him," the source said.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's splitsville for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

It's splitsville for Jessica Alba and Cash WarrenMen can start wooing Jessica Alba once again, for she's back on the sexy singles' list after breaking up with beau Cash Warren.


Sources reveal to Usmagazine.com that the couple, who had been together for two-and-a-half years, were definitely not together any more.


Insiders also disclose that it was Alba who made the decision to cut Warren out of her life, and told him so over the phone on July 22.


It seems that after calling Cash and telling him, "I'm not in love with you anymore", Alba then sent an assistant to the LA home the two shared to pack up Warren's belongings and move him out.


While a representative for Alba refused to comment on the break-up, a source revealed that Warren was not only "devastated", but also thinking that the presence of another man in his ladylove’s life was the reason why she ended the relationship.

"(It) happened...almost out of nowhere. [Cash] thinks it's for another guy but doesn't know....he's totally devastated. But it was all her," the magazine's website quoted the source, as saying.

Warren and Alba met on the set of Fantastic Four in 2005, when he was the assistant to the film's director, Tim Story.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Britney Spears to reveal all!

Britney Spears to reveal all!Pop superstar Britney Spears is to set the record straight about her much-publicized personal problems in a revealing interview with a US lifestyle magazine, according to reports.


The troubled star, 25, is said to have personally called the magazine's main switchboard and asked to speak to the publication's editor-in-chief, Sara Ivens, to negotiate a deal for the interview.


And the mother of two is expected to tell all about her rift with her mother, Lynne, her custody battle and impending divorce from ex Kevin Federline, and her one-month stint in rehab in February.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Simpson has the 'best boobs' in Hollywood

Simpson has the 'best boobs' in HollywoodJessica Simpson has picked up a sexy new accolade - for having the Best Boobs in Hollywood.


The 'Irresistible' singer has beaten the likes of busty beauties like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry to top the poll, conducted by In Touch Weekly.


Simpson says of her bounteous bust, "Mine are definitely real. In eight grade, my boobs were bigger than all of my friends. I was afraid to show 'em. Now, I feel they make my outfit look better. They're like an accessory."


The full top 10 is as follows: Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, Carmen Electra, Beyonace Knowles, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Take A Break

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Take A BreakYet more reports reach us that all is not well in Brangelina land.


This time Brad is said to have been so stressed by the couple’s fighting that he felt the need to drive 165 miles just to clear his head.


A source who saw the actor at the Bandol Sur Mer restaurant tells In Touch Weekly: "He seemed miserable."


A friend says: "Angie and Brad are in a rocky phase again. Brad needed the time on the road to feel free and to think."

Angelina and Brad are said to be "miserable" and fighting over everything from Brad's relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston to frail Angelina's reported ill health.

We wonder if Brad's 165 mile, six-hour bike ride to Berlin to dine with male friends did the trick?


Britney Spears to be a waitress?

Britney Spears to be a waitress?Britney Spears is reportedly planning to become a waitress at a Hollywood nightspot at Las Deux.


The pop star was spotted enquiring about a vacancy for the job, but as a source revealed, at first everyone thought that she was just joking.


They only realised that the pop star was serious about the idea when she began looking into her dates.


"Everyone thought she was joking, but she was dead serious. She looked through her calendar and said that she couldn't do it 'this day, this day or that day' because she has her kids. "But she asked if she could begin the following Saturday," Contactmusic quoted the source, as saying.


Spears was also excited about the club's waitress uniform, which is a red corset and tight black skirt.

But, she still wanted to know if she can have a different one done.

"She was really excited about wearing the outfit, but she asked the Les Deux employees if she could make her own ensemble," another source said.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nude Lindsay Lohan Shocks Patients & Staff

Nude Lindsay Lohan Shocks Patients & StaffLindsay Lohan allegedly amused herself in rehab by wandering around naked to shock male patients and staff.


The 'Mean Girls' star - who recently spent 45 days in Malibu's Promises Centre to be treated for alcoholism - was reportedly overheard bragging about her nude exploits at Allegra Versace's birthday party.


A source told National Enquirer magazine: "Lindsay was howling with laughter as she told all her friends, including Bruce Willis' daughter Rumer. They were all giggling too and their eyes were popping out.


"Lindsay said, 'I drove them all mad wandering around completely naked. They kept telling me to quit, but it was so much fun to tease all those boys. I just couldn't stop it!' "

Lindsay, 21, is currently trying to trace a hacker who stole naked pictures of her, taken by on/off lover Calum Best, from her computer.

The furious actress wrote on her internet message board: "All I know is that someone broke into my computer and left a file on my desktop saying they had the pictures Calum took of me naked. My lawyer knows about it.

"If I ever find out who broke into my computer, he is in big s**t."

Lindsay has instructed her legal team to ensure the intimate images are never released on the internet as she fears they could ruin her career.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Is Britney Spears Pregnant?

Is Britney Spears Pregnant?Just as her comeback seemed to be gathering pace, Britney Spears has reportedly shocked friends with the news that she is expecting her third child in less than two years.


Friends claim the troubled singer has revealed that little Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months, will soon be joined by a baby brother or sister.


And word is that the ever classy singer doesn't know which one of her recent lovers is the father.


"She's been secretly filling her pals in on the good news since last week," an insider tells NW magazine.


"Britney is in shock herself, this definitely wasn't planned. But she's thrilled just the same."

Despite the unexpected news and her increasingly erratic behaviour - Britney is also apparently under the impression that she has everything under control.

"She feels like she's raising her boys on her own and doing a fine job," says a pal "Forget all the rehab drama. Brit's stronger now and being a great mother."


Lindsay Lohan Formally Arrested For DUI

Lindsay Lohan Formally Arrested For DUILindsay Lohan surrendered to police yesterday to be formally booked on misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and hit-and-run stemming from a car crash in May.


Lindsay arrived at a Beverly Hills station at 4.15pm accompanied by her attorney and was later released on $30,000 bail, according to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.


The recently rehabbed actress crashed her Mercedes-Benz convertible into a curb in the early hours of May 26, after partying at Hollywood nightspot Les Deux.


Tests revealed that Lindsay had cocaine and nearly twice the legal amount of alcohol in her system. Police also found "a usable amount" of cocaine in her car.

Lindsay was booked now because she was only cited – not formally arrested – at the time of the incident, reports PEOPLE.

Lindsay is due to appear in Superior Court in Beverly Hills on August 24.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?Jennifer Aniston was spotted shopping for baby clothes with her British beau Paul Sculfor.


The pair, who are reportedly back together after calling it quits in June - were seen at an L.A baby boutique Petit Tresor yesterday.


"They were holding hands and whispering quietly to each other," a source told OK! Magazine "Jen appeared to be very happy."


"They were acting like a married couple while shopping for various baby-related items like cribs, diaper bags and changing tables."


Sources told OK! that the former Friends star was asking staff about delivery options – further stirring rumours that the starlet is expecting.


Moss Changes Her Mobile And Landline Number

Moss Changes Her Mobile And Landline NumberMore news regarding the split between Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. This time the model has reportedly changed her mobile and landline number to stop the loverat from contacting her, which he has been doing continuously – No doubt trying to extort some money from her.


Having already changed the locks of her home and burning all love letters and poems in an effort to rid herself from the Babyshambles singer, Moss is intent on staying Pete-free this time round after his infidelity with a south African model.


A source quoted from the Mirror says: "Pete was still phoning up last weekend and in the end it was too much even for Kate. She thought she had made things clear - that he should never get in touch with her again, under any circumstances.

"But he failed to get the message so she's taken drastic action. It's a pain for her but she's more adamant than ever about making a clean break. Kate is determined to wipe the slate clean and that means never speaking to him again. Her friends are behind her decision and will support her every inch of the way."

Well with Pete due in rehab next week, Kate will have some free quiet time for a while at least.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jessica Biel Likes 'Ridiculous' Guys

Jessica Biel Likes 'Ridiculous' GuysJessica Biel has been talking about what type of guys she goes for, and it seems as though she likes goofy guys who can make her laugh. That fits Justin to a tee!


Speaking to Parade.com, Biel says: "Funny is key – funny, silly, someone who doesn't take themselves seriously, someone who can be ridiculous, that's the most attractive thing."


Asked about whether she was intimidated about the paparazzi photographing her and Justin around European destinations, she said: "Absolutely. ... You do really have to just get into a place where you feel Zen about it. It's so funny how it really has become such a crazy, crazy world, you really do just have to laugh at everything."


So remember guys, if you want a chance with Jessica, practice your slapstick routine.


Did Paris Drug her New Beau for a Threesome?

Did Paris Drug her New Beau for a Threesome?It seems that Paris Hilton has a new man in her life, this time, a 21-year-old T-shirt designer, Tyler Atkins, who claims that she drugged him with pills like Vicodin and Rohypnols so that he would be pliable for a threesome.


The socialite was spotted with Atkins, whose label Rock Stars and Angels, is available in trendy L.A. boutiques like Kitson, outside the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu on July 15.


And sources have revealed that the two were "making out like teenagers."


The Paris-Atkins hook-up has fuelled more speculations after the designer gave a recent interview, in which he boasts about hanging out with an unnamed "famous chick" at a house in the Hollywood Hills.


Atkins claims that this "famous chick" drugged him with four pills, following which he found himself in her spa bath with her and her best friend.

"She's like a full pill-popper ...And she gave me like four of these pills that were like Vicodin; they were like Rohypnols or something. Heavy, heavy. And she drugged me, this famous chick. ... I woke up in her spa bath with her and her best friend. We were in the spa bath, full-on threesome,” the New York Daily News quoted Atkins, as saying.

"And then I don't remember anything else. I remember waking up at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in between them both ... I couldn't find my clothes in the whole house. [I was] just tripping, just going, 'What did this girl give me?' It was gnarly, eh?" he added.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jessica Alba Quits Hollywood

Jessica Alba Quits HollywoodJessica Alba is reportedly setting up home with movie producer boyfriend Cash Warren in New York.

The couple, who currently share an LA home, have been viewing properties in some of the city's most fashionable areas, including Chelsea, SoHo and the West Village.

A source close to Jessica tells the New York Daily News: "They love visiting New York and have decided to have a second home here. Jessica wants to have a cosy place to stay, since she finds herself working and shopping in New York all the time."

The Fantastic Four actress has made no secret of her desire to escape Hollywood so that she can spend more time with Cash.

She has said in the past: "It's something I have been considering. Just being an actress and being in a relationship is tough - I don't recommend it."


Lindsay Lohan Is Risking Relapse

Lindsay Lohan Is Risking RelapseIt’s been widely reported that Lindsay Lohan was straight back out on the party scene immediately after leaving rehab.


Now addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky - of US show "Loveline" fame - has publicly claimed that Lindsay is risking her sobriety by hitting her old haunts so soon.


According to Pinsky, "The problem is that early in treatment, you don't have this active craving, and you think you can walk into an environment and be around the old triggers and not have it result in using, which is a common mistake."


Lindsay is apparently so confident in her ability to resist the booze, that she’s wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet.


Her publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick maintains that Lindsay’s recent outing to Las Vegas nightclub ‘Pure’ less than 24 hours after checking out of the Promises rehab facility was just an innocent night out with friends

Of the monitoring bracelet, Zelnick commented: "It's not court-ordered, it's a pain in the ass, it's heavy and it's not fashionable — and we all know Lindsay is extremely fashionable."


Monday, July 16, 2007

Jessica Simpson: I Embrace My Beauty

Jessica Simpson: I Embrace My BeautyIt has taken a while but Jessica Simpson has finally managed to come to terms with her own beauty.


Before this happened, however, the ever-thoughtful singer/actress used to dress down so as not to show up other, less attractive girls.


"I was always the girl who wore sweat pants and baseball caps to not be intimidating," she tells Harper's Bazaar, "but now I've learned to embrace beauty as part of my career, as part of my inner soul, as part of who I am."


So does that mean she's going to continue showing off her ample cleavage at every opportunity?


K-Fed Pimps Out Sons' Nurseries

K-Fed Pimps Out Sons' NurseriesBritney Spears' soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline is spashing some serious dough on his sons' nurseries in his California home.


According to NY Daily News, Kevin is pimping out nurseries for Sean Preston and Jayden in his new $3.2 million Woodland Hills mansion.


The would-be rapper reportedly spent $14,000 on the cribs of Sean and baby brother Jayden at hip Hollywood baby boutique Petit Tresor.


However, Britney’s spending spree at the same store makes the Fedster look cheap – she reportedly dropped a massive $45,000 there when Sean Preston was born.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Paris Hilton Wants To Start A Family

Paris Hilton supposedly wants "lots of babies and a simple life" following her stint in prison.


The socialite has been inspired by her best pal Nicole Richie's pregnancy, and now apparently is set on settling down and starting a family.


A pal tells Closer magazine, "Paris told me, 'I want lots of babies and a more simple life away from the celebrity spotlight.


"'I did a lot of soul-searching about my partying and then I heard Nicole's pregnant and I decided its time for me to grow up and take responsibility - and the best way to do that is to become a mother.'"


Wonder which man wants to help Paris out?


Lindsay Lohan Sex Pics Stolen

Lindsay Lohan Sex Pics StolenLindsay Lohan is reeling after sex snaps of her and lover Calum Best were stolen from her computer.


The actress has threatened legal action after the compromising snaps were lifted from her computer by a hacker.


A source tells the News Of The World, "Lindsay's furious that naked pictures of her could appear on the net at any moment.


"She's been burned in the past with nasty pics appearing online but she worries she could be the next Paris Hilton if these pics get out."


Lindsay herself posted during an online chat, "All I know is that someone broke into my computer and left a file on my desktop saying they had the pictures Cal took of me naked. My lawyer knows about it."

Maybe best stay away from the computer for a while.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Britney Spears Forced To Move Into Hotel

Britney Spears Forced To Move Into HotelBritney Spears has been forced to move into a hotel after her ex-husband Kevin Federline complained her house was unsafe for their children.


The sometime rapper called child protection services claiming the swimming pool at her £3 million Beverly Hills mansion did not have the legally required safety barrier around it’s pool.


Therefore Britney has relocated to the Four Seasons Hotel with her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, as well as Daimon Shippen – who is her bodyguard/mentor/manny or boyfriend, depending on who you believe.


At least now she can get an Irish coffee delivered to her room at one o'clock in the morning. A-ha!


Paris Hilton Jail Probe Launched

Paris Hilton Jail Probe LaunchedThe Paris Hilton jail saga rumbles on - Los Angeles Sheriff Department are now going to investigate whether the heiress received preferential prison treatment.


Amongst the various heinous advantages Paris is said to have had afforded to her is a new jail outfit instead of the usual recycled one, mail delivery by captain rather than trustee and access to a cordless phone as opposed to queuing for the payphone.


Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells the New York Daily News, "We're going to investigate it and get to the bottom of it and find out exactly what happened."


But as Hilton was kept apart from normal prisoners during her recent stint in California's Century Regional Detention Center due to her celebrity, surely 'preferential treatment' was inevitable?