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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did Paris Drug her New Beau for a Threesome?

Did Paris Drug her New Beau for a Threesome?It seems that Paris Hilton has a new man in her life, this time, a 21-year-old T-shirt designer, Tyler Atkins, who claims that she drugged him with pills like Vicodin and Rohypnols so that he would be pliable for a threesome.


The socialite was spotted with Atkins, whose label Rock Stars and Angels, is available in trendy L.A. boutiques like Kitson, outside the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu on July 15.


And sources have revealed that the two were "making out like teenagers."


The Paris-Atkins hook-up has fuelled more speculations after the designer gave a recent interview, in which he boasts about hanging out with an unnamed "famous chick" at a house in the Hollywood Hills.


Atkins claims that this "famous chick" drugged him with four pills, following which he found himself in her spa bath with her and her best friend.

"She's like a full pill-popper ...And she gave me like four of these pills that were like Vicodin; they were like Rohypnols or something. Heavy, heavy. And she drugged me, this famous chick. ... I woke up in her spa bath with her and her best friend. We were in the spa bath, full-on threesome,” the New York Daily News quoted Atkins, as saying.

"And then I don't remember anything else. I remember waking up at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in between them both ... I couldn't find my clothes in the whole house. [I was] just tripping, just going, 'What did this girl give me?' It was gnarly, eh?" he added.