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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carve: She had perfect t**s on my tombstone

Carve: She had perfect t**s on my tombstoneBritish glamour model Jordan a.k.a Katie Price has revealed that she wants her gravestone inscription to pay tribute to her boobs.


The 29-year-old, who has had countless breast implants, recently said that she wants 'She had perfect t**s!' engraved on her tombstone.


"I'd like to have, 'She had perfect t**s,'" The Sun quoted her, as saying.


She also revealed a more sober tomb stone message, saying she'd want it to read 'Wonder Woman.'


"'Wonder Woman.' I'd like that after all I've been through - having kids, trying to make everyone else happy and working hard," she said


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tons of Sex is the secret to Kelly's Figure

Tons of Sex is the secret to Kelly's FigureStrictly Come Dancing star Kelly Brook has revealed the secret behind her striking figure - "having tons of sex".


In an interview for the December issue of 'Company' magazine, the model and actress also disclosed that fighting and fantastic lighting keeping the passion in her relationship alive.


"Fight a lot. Even if you agree pretend you don't. It's about mentally stimulating each other as much as it is about the physical and emotional side," the Daily Mail quoted Brook, as saying.


"Fantastic lighting! When you redecorate, make sure everything's on dimmers. Either that or candlelight," she added.


However, she confessed that her looks didn't quite help her to find work.

"I have to audition for things. They don't just hand it to me because I look hot. I wouldn't keep working if it was just about looks. I'm 27 and there are tons of hotter girls who are 10 years younger than me," she said.

Brook also slammed girls who marry soccer stars for the moneyed lifestyle.

"I'm not saying all girls who shack up with footballers do. But I would hate to be a girl thinking, 'What am I going to do when I leave school?" she said.

"I've done it all on my own," she added.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Sarah is one of the unsexiest women alive

Sarah is one of the unsexiest women aliveBritney Spears' frequent show of skin and more notwithstanding men find her one of the Unsexiest Woman Alive. Topping the list of celebrities who don't turn on men is 'Sex and the City' actress Sarah Jessica Parker.


The 'Sex and the City' actress, who is most famous for her role as sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the hit US TV show, was given the dubious honor in the online poll by men's website maxim.com.


In a scathing attack on the 42-year-old actress, Maxim.com writers - who compiled the poll - likened Sarah Jessica to famous US racehorses Barbaro and Secretariat and insisted they would rather get up close and personal with her 'Sex and the City' co-star Chris Noth.


One Maxim.com writer said: "How the hell did this Barbaro-faced broad manage to be the least sexy woman in a group of very unsexy women and still star on a show with "sex" in the title?

"Pull your skirt down, Secretariat, we would rather ride your co-star Chris Noth!"

Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse - whose beehive hair and prominent eyeliner has been copied by teenage girls worldwide - finished in second place.

Another Maxim.com writer revealed: "When we first heard this chick boast about her reluctance to go to rehab we thought, now there is a girl we can party with! But upon beholding her openly hemorrhaging translucent skin, rat’s nest mane and lashes that look more like surgically attached bats, we were the ones screaming, 'Nooo, nooo, nooo!' "

'Grey's Anatomy' star Sandra Oh is in third place, while 49-year-old "menopausal" singer Madonna finished fourth and was ridiculed for her adoption of Malawi boy David Banda.

The survey said of Madonna: "Madonna traded pioneering sexuality for, like other old Jewish women, self-righteous bellyaching and rapid postnuptial deterioration.

"Combine a Paris Hilton-like pet accessorizing fetish - only for dirt-poor foreign babies - with a mug that looks Euro-sealed to her skull, and you've got Willem Dafoe with hot flashes."

Britney Spears - whose behavior has spiraled out of control this year with her wild partying, drug taking, shaving her head and bizarre performance at the MTV Video Music Awards - rounded up top five.

One Maxim.com contributor claimed: "Britney has lost the ability to perform, but gained two kids, two useless ex-husbands, and about 23 pounds of pudge."

Maxim.com's Five Unsexiest Women Alive poll:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Amy Winehouse
Sandra Oh
Britney Spears


Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Won't Do Nude Scenes Again: Natalie

I Won't Do Nude Scenes Again: NatalieNatalie Portman has vowed that she will never strip again for screen after filming a risqué scene for her new short movie "Hotel Chevalier".


Portman's nude shots will soon be available on the Internet even before the film is officially released. And she is upset that she agreed to do something that was awkward in the prelude to "The Darjeeling Limited" directed by Wes Anderson, contactmusic.com reports.


Portman has insisted that she was convinced that nude scenes were required for the movie.


Portman, who requested director Mike Nichols to cut the nudity from "Closer" and used a body double for "Goya's Ghosts', said that she felt it was right to do bare scenes in the latest film.


She said, "I don't know why, exactly. Sometimes you make rules for yourself and sometimes those rules are made to be broken. You have to test things out and see what works for you, and this felt right.

"I'm really sorry I didn't listen to my intuition. From now on, I'm going to trust my gut more. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is to say no."

The Academy-award nominated star also said that she urged director Wes Anderson to give her a chance to work with him.

"I begged Wes to work with me and show me a script. I really loved it. He has the finest taste possible," she said.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I can Understand Lesbian Rumours: Alicia

I can Understand Lesbian Rumours: AliciaR&B superstar Alicia Keys has realized why she was branded a lesbian at the beginning of her career - because she was "rough around the edges".


Keys' sexuality became the subject of speculation after the release of her debut album 'Songs In A Minor' in 2001.


However, the singer has been adamant she isn't a lesbian but has admitted that her appearance and attitude may have led people to think so.


"I was definitely rough around the edges. I look back at certain interviews and I'm like, 'Damn! Did I have to look that hard? Did I have to do my hair that way?' The Sun quoted Keys, as saying.


"I could see why people couldn't see the diamond in the rough.


"I didn't take it to heart. I know what I am. I know it's not true," she added.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boycott Britney's New Album

Boycott Britney's New AlbumA group of Britney Spears' former friends and employees is urging her fans to boycott her forthcoming album Blackout till she gets her life under control through an online campaing titled 'Save the Popstar, Save the World.'


The group, which also includes a bodyguard, backup dancer and makeup artist, is asking fans through their MySpace-based page not to buy Britney's stuff till she gets control of her spiraling life.


"Our message is simple. Don't buy her stuff until she's better," E!Online quoted one of them, as saying.


"We've all hung out with Britney a lot. We've seen her at her best and at her worst. And we aren't doing this to be mean.


"We're doing this out of concern, for herself and for her boys. They need a mother figure and right now, they don't have that."

The group also accuses Britney's record label Jive of turning a blind eye to her erratic behavior because she continues to make them money.

"They can see she's in pain, and they don't care," says the source.

The new site is asking fans to contact Jive, MTV, her management team and her music publishing house.

"Let them know you'll buy her album, but not until she is clean and sober and realizes the amazing life she has created for herself..." they state on their website.

"Let them know you'll be around to buy her music, her merchandise, when she sets a better example of how to be a performer...It is every employer's job to make sure their staff is doing their job to the best of their abilities.

"They let her act any way she wants, as long as her records sell. Every time she's on a tabloid for embarrassing herself or being a bad mom, what do they care? They don't.

"And it's sad that people around Britney care so little about someone who makes them so much money."


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Britney Spears doesn't like to wear underwear

Britney Spears doesn't like to wear underwearThe Toxic singer - who has been frequently pictured in public without panties on - knows it is "stupid" to go out without underwear but just doesn't feel comfortable in it.


Jewellery designer Tuesday Knight, who has been friends with Britney since 2003, said her decision not to wear underwear was "ridiculous".


"I've told her. I've said, 'You can't walk into a store wearing just a shirt with your underwear off, or get out of cars baring all'. I've told her that no one will take her seriously when she does this.


"Britney knows it's stupid, but says she just doesn't like to wear underwear. She doesn't feel comfortable with it on."


The 25-year-old mother-of-two, who has lost custody of sons Sean Preston, two and one-year-old Jayden James to ex-husband Kevin Federline, can't understand why people think she is a bad role model.

Tuesday added to In Touch Weekly magazine: "Britney has always been a good mother. I want people to know that she's the better parent - not Kevin!

"Britney asked me, 'Doesn't anybody get to see this part of me?' The answer is, no, they don't. People just read about her not wearing underwear.

"I knew Britney when she and Kevin first met. She remade her entire life so it was all about him. She didn't even want to sign a prenup. Since then, I've watched her spiral downward."

Britney was photographed several times earlier this year without underwear, one of several incidents leading to rumours of a meltdown.


Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm finally fulfilled in my life: Pamela

I'm finally fulfilled in my life: PamelaPamela Anderson is feeling 'fulfilled' after marrying Rick Salomon.


The former 'Baywatch' babe married Salomon in Las Vegas on October 6, and says that she's found a new peace in her life.


"I am finally fulfilled in my life in every area," she told OK! magazine.


"I'm having the best time in my life."


Anderson, who has been married twice before, wore a tight-fitting cream Valentino mini-dress and vintage Neil Lane jewelry for the nuptials.


"My jewelry was unpretentious and super-genuine," Anderson added.


Anderson told the magazine the wedding ceremony was organized by Rick and her driver and close friend Errol Lyon gave her away.

Salomon, a poker player, is most famous for being Paris Hilton's partner in the hotel heiress' infamous sex-tape 'One Night in Paris'.

Anderson recently denied reports that she was pregnant with her new hubby's child.

Anderson wrote on her own website that she isn't pregnant and suggested that Salomon is a little sensitive about the media attention.

"So funny. I don't normally look at press but Rick does sometimes. And so much nonsense. Don't believe what you read. Esp about people (sic) personal business," she wrote.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jennifer wants to have an affair with Daniel

Jennifer wants to have an affair with DanielThe former 'Friends' beauty has a crush on the James Bond actor and fantasizes that she is a government spy who gets up close and personal with special agent 007.


Jennifer said: "I'd be a spy, a very glamorous spy who plays poker and lives in Monaco. And has affairs with Daniel Craig."


Jennifer - who split from husband Brad Pitt in 2005 - is keen to move to New York to get away from the constant scrutiny she's under in Los Angeles.


The 38-year-old actress - who was recently rumored to have purchased a Manhattan apartment - said: "I can actually visualize it again, for some reason. I don't know, I'm just tired of Los Angeles. In New York, you're not just in that same car, looking at that same dashboard, driving down the same street.

"In New York, if you can get away from the paparazzi and they don't know where you are, you can actually walk, walk, walk!"

Jennifer has also decided not to worry what the public think of her.

She added to Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I used to care a hell of a lot more about what people said or thought. But that had to change when my life was under a microscope being scrutinized and my personal life was being talked about. You have to go, 'This is not acceptable in any way,' whether it's about me personally or in business, success versus failure. It's so negative. It's such bizarre negativity."


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I want to leave a mark on this world: Hilton

I want to leave a mark on this world: HiltonSocialite heiress Paris Hilton has supposedly grown up and is vowing to change her image by using her name and fame for good causes.


Her first stop is Rwanda where she will visit schools and health care clinics as part of a five-day charity mission. She will be accompanied by a children's charity called Playing for Good.


Dailysnack.com reports her as saying: "I'm scared, yeah. I've heard it's really dangerous. I've never been on a trip like this before.


I love having everything documented. It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me."


Hilton was in jail for 23 days for breaking her violation in a drunk and reckless driving case.

Commenting upon her reckless lifestyle, she said: "There are a lot of bad people in LA.

Before, my life was about having fun, going to parties - it was a fantasy. But when I had time to reflect, I felt empty inside. I want to leave a mark on the world."


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm not stupid like Hilton and Lohan: Reid

I'm not stupid like Hilton and Lohan: ReidActress Tara Reid, infamous for her partying ways, compared herself to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and said she was not as stupid as them because she followed the rules.


"I think the reason I never ended up in as much trouble as Paris or Lindsay is that I'm not stupid, so I'd never do a lot of the things those girls do," pagesix.com quoted Reid as saying.


She added: "You'll never read a story about me going out and partying when I'm supposed to be working, showing up on a set drunk or missing a day, never.


But when I'm not working, why shouldn't I have fun? Am I supposed to stay at home and live in a cage? I was a party girl, but I played by the rules."


Monday, October 15, 2007

I am not pregnant: Pamela Anderson

I am not pregnant: Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson, a newlywed of less than a week, is shooting down rumours that she is pregnant with husband Rick Salomon's child.


"Please tell everybody - categorically - I am not pregnant," Anderson told Las Vegas celebrity blogger Robin Leach.


"It's just not true. I would tell you if it was," the mother of two told Leach, who interviewed her at a party for airline magnate Richard Branson.


To underscore it, Anderson was "celebrating her marriage last weekend with bottles of expensive Cristal champagne" at the party, people.com quoted Leach as saying.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eva Longoria not allowed to conceive

Eva Longoria not allowed to conceiveEva Longoria, the star of "Desperate Housewives", has been banned from having children by the show's bosses.


Longoria recently married basketball star Tony Parker but will have to wait at least a year before they can think of having children, reports mirror.co.uk.


The show's creator Marc Cherry doesn't want to go through the same complications as when Longoria's co-star Marcia Cross got pregnant.


Longoria said: "Marc's not kidding because he maps the year out and really knows the storyline. When Marcia became pregnant it was unexpected and it was hard for him to write around.


Tony and I are excited about starting a family, but because Marc has forbidden me to get pregnant this year we're going to spend time as a married couple and build a solid foundation together before we bring our child into the world."


Friday, October 12, 2007

Kelly Brook Turns Sex Guru

Kelly Brook Turns Sex GuruWomen wishing to spice up their love lives may now find a sex guru in model/actress Kelly Brook, as she has some potent bedroom tips.


She says that one should not rush to turn off the lights when it comes to seducing a partner.


She insists that illuminating the bedroom with a fluorescent strip-light or a subtle candlelight can be incredibly flattering.


Brook strongly feels that a woman who is ready to get intimate should celebrate the fact that her partner wants to be with her, and enjoy the confidence that comes with it, the Mirror reports.


She has also insisted that women should always remember that men hardly notice the bits women are conscious about. Instead he is more interested in the sparkle in his partner’s eyes, the smile she breaks into when he gives a compliment and the way her body responds to his.

The swimwear designer said that women should maintain a level of mystery, and therefore she suggested taking some time to master the art of undressing.

She further added that whether a woman undresses for her man or he undresses her, do it slowly and enjoy discovering what lies below.

The 27-year-old designer emphasized on wearing beautiful, soft-to-the-touch clothing that feels good against the skin, such as velvet, cashmere, Angora or satin.
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She also recommended not to put too much of perfume, for it could be a turn-off to men because they tend to prefer women’s natural smell.

However, she thinks that there is something incredibly seductive about freshly bathed, delicately scented skin.

Therefore, she said that women, if get a chance, should enjoy a long soak and go for a lightly fragranced moisturizer or body oil before getting dressed.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Charlize named Sexiest Woman in the World

Charlize named Sexiest Woman in the WorldCharlize Theron has been named the 'Sexiest Woman in the World' by Esquire magazine.


Theron now appears on the cover of the mag's November issue in a slinky photo shoot by Sheryl Nields.


As for why the mag chose the South African beauty, well that's not only because of her stunning looks, but also her stellar career.


She won an Oscar for Monster.


And she's not only ready to take a dig at herself, but also at politicians such has US President George Bush, reports the New York Daily News.


Theron recently said: "I grew up in a country that learned the lesson that you can't impose your way of life on 26 different kinds of people just because you call yourself righteous. I think there are lessons this country still has to learn."


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pamela cut a Fake Cake during her Wedding

Pamela cut a Fake Cake during her WeddingPamela Anderson's one and a half hour wedding to her friend of fifteen years Rick Salomon Saturday, October 6, was arranged in such a hurry, that she wore a white denim miniskirt and the wedding cake was made of cardboard.


The wedding in a private villa at Las Vegas' Mirage Hotel and Casino took place in between two performances of Hans Klok's magic show, where she is the assistant, reports E! Online.


The wedding planners were only given a day's notice and the best they could come up with in that time was a four-tier cardboard cake!


A source told US TV channel E!: "Pamela and Rick had a fake four-tier wedding cake. It was made from cardboard because planners weren't able to find a real one in time. They were apparently only given a day to prepare."

The hotel's Stack restaurant provided the 60 guests - including Tobey Maguire, magician Hanks Klok, Pamela's sons, Brandon, 11, and nine-year-old Dylan, and Rick's daughters, Hunter, 11, and Tyson, nine - with pigs in blankets, macaroni cheese, tuna and lobster tacos and 10 bottles of Cristal champagne.

As soon as the wedding was completed Pamela dashed back for her second appearance of the night and shared the news with the audience.

"Hello, I just got married - I did. I'm distracted. It's a big day. A big day at the office."

Guests continued partying late into the night at the Mirage hotel's Jet nightclub.

The marriage happens to be the third for both of them, with the mum of two’s earlier marriages include Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, while Salomon was married to actresses Shannen Doherty and Elizabeth Daily.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Britney's Homemade Sex Tapes Robbed

Britney's Homemade Sex Tapes RobbedThe burglars who raided Britney's Beverly Hills home Friday night went for Britney's collection of raunchy homemade sex tapes and a selection of the singer's steamiest photographs rather than cash and jewelry.


Also missing are some of the uniforms Britney allegedly wears for kinky sex games and personal pictures of her sons, two-year-old Sean Preston, and one-year-old Jayden James, were also taken.


"Some people might have gone first for the cash and jewelry, but these guys went first for all Britney's personal stuff," an insider told the Daily Star.


"They seemed to know in the long run this will be worth far more to them, if they can sell it to the highest bidder.

"Britney is beside herself with worry - having your home broken into is bad enough for anybody, but when you're famous and you have had some pretty personal things taken, it's 10 times worse,' the source said.

The 25-year-old star discovered that her $6 million gated property had been burgled when she returned home from a night out at the five-star Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel at around 2am early Saturday morning.

However, this is not the first time the 'Toxic' star has been hit by a sex tape scandal.

Last week, a 26-year-old man claimed that he had recorded the singer having sex in Hawaii.

In 2006, a clip showing the 25-year-old performing a sex act on ex-husband Kevin Federline appeared.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Britney, Lohan, Hilton can't handle Fame

Britney, Lohan, Hilton can't handle FameJennifer Lopez has jumped to the defence of troubled stars Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.


The 'Waiting For Tonight' singer insisted that the reason behind their messy lives is nothing but the pressures of fame.


"People wonder why Britney or Lindsay or Paris is acting crazy, but they don't know what it means not to be able to walk outside your house. 'Oh, but she has $10 million!' they say, but that doesn't help when you can't... feel good," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.


"I feel so bad when I see people going through the beginnings of it. Because it's not fun. You have to learn to navigate it because if you don't, it will eat you up," she added.


According to the singer/actress, the best way to deal with the problem is to keep grounded.

“It's a lot of pressure. And you gotta keep grounded and find a way to deal with it and hopefully have love in your life," she said.

As for her own self, she said, that she and her hubby Marc Anthony consciously avoid socialising in places where the paparazzi are likely to be prowling.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sex Scenes with Keira a Nightmare

Sex Scenes with Keira a NightmareJames McAvoy has revealed his sex scenes with Keira Knightley were a "sweaty and uncomfortable nightmare".


The 28-year-old actor felt so awkward while filming the raunchy scenes for Atonement he kept apologising to Keira when the cameras stopped rolling. James said: "It's always a nightmare filming sex scenes, isn't it? It's never easy and it's always a little bit sweaty and uncomfortable.


"When they call action, if you feel the lady's breast, it's your decision to feel the lady's breast. It's like, this is wrong. You have no parameters. "We carried on and about 10 seconds later we just said very sheepishly, 'Sorry about that'."


The Last King of Scotland star who Keira described as "the best kisser ever" was pleased director Joe Wright ordered them around during the passionate scene.

He said: "What was great about Atonement was Joe Wright was very on the ball with what he wanted, so when you were doing something it was at his behest."

James has just finished shooting Wanted, in which he plays a young man who learns that his long lost father is an assassin.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Britney Spears filmed in Secret Sex Video

Britney Spears filmed in Secret Sex VideoBritney Spears was filmed having sex with a stranger she met on vacation, it has been claimed.


The 28-year-old unnamed man met the 'Toxic' singer while holidaying in Hawaii last June and secretly recorded them having sex in a bungalow at the Four Seasons hotel on the Kona-Kohala Coast.


He claims he has not sold the tape yet because he is embarrassed by his own performance.


The man told In Touch Weekly magazine: "It was just normal, we didn't do anything crazy. It was a little disappointing. It lasted for about 25 minutes and then we passed out."


He claims he met Britney, 25, in a bar at 1am on June 7 2007 and they went back to her room to "party" before "hooking up".


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ling Reveals her Sexual connection with Jolie

Ling Reveals her Sexual connection with JolieActress Bai Ling admits that she was "irresistibly" sexually attracted to Angelina Jolie when the two worked together.


The stars worked together in two movies - 2004's Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow and the documentary A Place In Time - and Ling reveals that there was 'an attraction' between the two.


"I felt this energy between us, when we look at each other there's an energy, an attraction," Us Weekly quoted her, as saying.


"Her eyes transfer a sexual energy to me that makes her irresistible."


And, according to Ling, Jolie felt a connection too.


"Angelina said, 'Next time we'll play lovers.' We could have hooked up, but it just wasn't the right time or place. But she told me, 'My heart's open to you.' She is like me. She is totally open sexually."

Jolie has previously had a lesbian relationship with her Foxfire co-star Jenny Shimizu.


Halle Berry Refuses to Marry her Baby's Daddy

Halle Berry Refuses to Marry her Baby's DaddyExpecting mum Halle Berry has revealed that she will not marry boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.


The Oscar winning actress, who has suffered two failed marriages, admitted that becoming a mother has not changed her decision in favor of marriage.


Referring to her famous vow that she would never marry again, Oprah asked Berry during a taping of her show, "Are you still in that space?" Halle replied, "Yes."


"What Gabriel and I have decided is that we will just redefine marriage for ourselves," she said.


Meanwhile Berry has hired security guards after she received racist threats to harm her unborn baby.


The actress, who was born to a white father and an Afro-American mother, got anonymous letters that said her baby would be 'cut into hundreds of pieces'.

A source close to the star said that Berry doesn't hire security, but after the threats she has roped in two guards.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Harry Potter, wants to be a gay spy

Harry Potter, wants to be a gay spy'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe is hoping to play a gay spy. He wants to audition for the part in the remake of the movie 'Another Country'. The 18-year-old actor is planning to audition for the role of a boy at boarding school in the 30s who falls in love with his best friend and later becomes an undercover agent in a remake of the 1984 movie.


The film adaptation of Julian Mitchell's play, which originally starred Rupert Everett in both the stage and screen version, is loosely based on the life of Guy Burgess, who became a double agent working for the Soviet Union, and was famously part of the Cambridge Five spy ring.


Earlier this week, Daniel - who appeared naked on stage in the London play 'Equus' - revealed he was interested in playing characters who are exploring their sexuality.


Speaking at a press conference for his latest movie December Boys, he said: "I'd never play a gay character just for the sake of playing a gay character. If the script was good, and it was a good gay character then, I'm 18, and so the parts I'm going to be getting will be open for around that age range.

"And around that age range is when people are exploring sexuality, so those are the parts I think I will be involved in."