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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Halle Berry Refuses to Marry her Baby's Daddy

Halle Berry Refuses to Marry her Baby's DaddyExpecting mum Halle Berry has revealed that she will not marry boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.


The Oscar winning actress, who has suffered two failed marriages, admitted that becoming a mother has not changed her decision in favor of marriage.


Referring to her famous vow that she would never marry again, Oprah asked Berry during a taping of her show, "Are you still in that space?" Halle replied, "Yes."


"What Gabriel and I have decided is that we will just redefine marriage for ourselves," she said.


Meanwhile Berry has hired security guards after she received racist threats to harm her unborn baby.


The actress, who was born to a white father and an Afro-American mother, got anonymous letters that said her baby would be 'cut into hundreds of pieces'.

A source close to the star said that Berry doesn't hire security, but after the threats she has roped in two guards.