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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jessica Alba set to have a great year

Jessica Alba set to have a great yearScreen scorcher Jessica Alba has been slowly making it to the top in Hollywood and it looks like 2007 will be her year with six movies set to be released.

Alba whose first film this year was "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer", in which she plays the part of the svelte Sue Storm, will also appear in a horror film "The Eye" and three comedies - "Good Luck Chuck", "Bill", and "The Ten" along with a thriller titled "Awake", ananova.com reported.

To top things, earlier this year she was voted as the sexiest woman in the world. And though her photos are splashed on men's magazines, she says it is strictly for promoting her films.

She added: "I do men's magazines to promote movies. Women's magazines don't have as many polls. The polls seem to get publicity for the magazine. So when you are in the public eye and when you are in films, they just sort of keep putting you on it and it's very flattering."