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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Britney Spears Threatens Legal Action

Britney Spears Threatens Legal ActionBritney Spears is threatening legal action against a Florida radio station that used an unflattering bald-headed photo of the pop star on billboards alongside headlines that suggest she is completely mental.


Britney's lawyer, Marty Singer, has fired off a letter to Clear Channel Communications claiming that the billboards promoting the MJ Morning Show are "outrageous to the extreme" and demanding their immediate removal.


According to Marty, Britney's "likeness has a multi-million-dollar value for authorized commercial exploitations" meaning that she is entitled to "very substantial damages" from Clear Channel.

The three outdoor ads carry pictures of a snarling, bald Britney with the headlines "Total Nut Jobs," "Shock Therapy," and "Certifiable."

Sounds like a pretty fair assessment of the singer to us.