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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lindsay Lohan attempted suicide!

Lindsay Lohan attempted suicide!Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan's close friends are hoping her current time in rehabilitation will halt her suicidal tendencies.


Lohan checked into the Promises rehab facility in California after she was charged with drunk driving and her friends were going public with her personal struggles.


Hollywood.com reports that one friend said she tried to commit suicide twice in the same night. "She grabbed a knife and started cutting at her wrists. A friend made her stop. Lohan ran into the bathroom with a bottle of Advil (a liquid gel for headaches)," said the friend.


The friend added that she then locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to swallow the whole bottle unless she was left alone.

"Lindsay needs to go to rehab, then spend time soul searching and getting to the roots of her problems. These emotional breakdowns she has are getting worse, and one of these days, she really will kill herself," said another friend.