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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Michael Jackson checks in a hotel as a woman!

Michael Jackson checks in a hotel as a woman!
Pop star Michael Jackson has created a fuss at Newsweek.com quoted London Evening Standard as saying: "Jackson would certainly give J Lo (Jennifer Lopez) a good run for her money on the diva stakes by bringing a team of 10 security guards to look after him and his two kids - Prince, 10, and 9-year-old Paris Michael - on their whistle-stop visit to London."

Jackson also supposedly placed two "scary bouncers" at the elevator doors on the floor he has booked for him and his group to make sure no one can get any access to him.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower, one of the staff members at the hotel, said: "We have many big stars staying here, but Jackson is very fussy.

He has a massive group with him and they are taking up the whole top floor of the place and making our jobs difficult because it is all top secret and we have to make sure that nobody knows he is here."


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Lori said...

Who PAYS for all this? I thought he was bankrupt!

Anonymous said...

I'd hit that!

hahaahahaaaaa NOT.