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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wear same clothes but not underwears: Cameron Diaz

Wear same clothes but not underwears: Cameron Diaz
Who says you cannot wear the same clothes for four days straight? Actress Cameron Diaz's new fashion philosophy tells you that the concept is archaic.

The 'Charlie's Angels' insisted that her mantra was to wear her clothes for days on an end, after which she discards them.

"I have a new philosophy. I always wear whatever I'm wearing, the same outfit, for four days, and then I never wear it again," Femalefirst quoted her as saying.

The 34 year old American star, who recently split with boyfriend of three-years Justin Timberlake, also revealed that she never used her celebrity status to get free clothes from fashion designers and big labels.

Although buying clothes herself does clog Diaz's routine a bit, she won't have it any other way.

"I actually buy my own clothes. It's kind of a drag," she said.

However, Diaz who has been partying with friend Drew Berrymore ever since her split, insists that her fashion philosophy does not apply to her underwear.

"I do change my underwear though," she added.


Anonymous said...

is this real news? who gives a shit about how many days cameron wears her clothes or her undies.if this is of real interest to people we are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I hope she washes those clothes for everyday she wears them. Gross.