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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Britney Spears on the verge of bankruptcy?

Britney Spears on the verge of bankruptcy?
Singer Britney Spears is reportedly facing the terrifying prospect of going bankrupt after coughing up a whopping 21 million dollars in the past two years.

The 25-year-old pop singer's friends said that Spears is in a sort of jeopardy after she leaves rehab, for she has to stay sober, and that will not be possible because there is the trouble of the Toxic singer going broke.

The friend added that the pop singer dreads the financial trouble that she is going to face.

"She has to concentrate on staying sober, but she can't do that if she has to worry about going broke - which is exactly what she thinks will happen," Contactmusic quoted the friend, as telling Daly Star.

Spears is currently receiving treatment for substance abuse at the Promises rehab clinic in Malibu, California.


Anonymous said...

Poor little Britney.. I think I'm going to cry. NOT!!!! Life is full of surprises.. Bankruptcy happens.. Hell what doesn't happen thanks to the wonderfull state the enconomy. Most of the time the rich get richer and the poor get taking for a ride and the middle class gets poorer.. too much money and no brains to manage it. she needs more than rehab.

xyz said...

Why, has she been keeping her money in a piggybank? What about her million dollar estates? Anyone who gets rich knows that investments and real estate are the only way to stay rich.

Anonymous said...

Get real everyone. this girl started in the business way too young with clearly no direction. what the hell do you expect? what are the chances some cute girl takes up the music business as a teenager, makes a shit load of $, can get into any club at any age, drink, party, spend lots of $ on whaever the heck she wants and come out ok? yeah that's realistic. give the kid a break, yes she has made some dumb choices but most kids in this positon would be right there with her- BROKE!

Anonymous said...

Now don't you haters all feel bad now? She couldn't AFFORD underwear. So sad.

Mike Garcia said...

That sucks she's over there making millions and millions a year while other people out there that are just getting by each month.For example, me!! and she thinks she has problems...Britney if you could read this comment "pick your head up and please honor and appriciate all the things you've done" cause theres people out there that wish to get a little crumb off your whole pie" If dont know what you got come hang out with me for a day and trust me you'll know how to.