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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shilpa is the next face of Marks & Spencer!

Shilpa is the next face of Marks & Spencer!
Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty has reportedly been chosen as the new face of Marks & Spencer, the largest clothing retailer in the UK.

The Indian actress, who gained public admiration after she reacted wisely to the racial abuse in the Channel 4 hit show, attended shoot sessions on March 20.

A source said that the actress spent the entire day trying on clothes, and that Shilpa is perfect for the campaign, for she is stunning and the British crowd love her.

“Shilpa spent the day at a shoot; she spent the morning having lots of clothes fitted on her so that they look amazing for the advertising campaigns. She is perfect for the role. She is gorgeous and has a great personality but, above all, the British public love her,” the Daily Mail quoted a source, as saying.

The contract is said to be close to 150,000 pounds, and if the campaign is a success then Shilpa maybe roped in again for another set of promotional programmes.

The source said that the actress is happy that she was on the reality show that fetched her lot of exposure in Britain.

"Shilpa is delighted, she went into the Big Brother house to get herself some exposure in Britain, so she couldn't have asked for things to have turned out better for her," the source said.

The source added that though Shilpa is in talks with a number of producers for films, but being a face of M&S is an incredible deal for her.

"She is still talking to a number of film producers about acting roles, but to be the face of such a popular store is an amazing gig for her." the source said.

Shilpa joins a number of famous people such as Twiggy and Erin O' Connor, who were also a part of the retailing outlet's campaign.