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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scarlett Johansson is Playboy’s sexiest celeb

Scarlett Johansson is Playboy’s sexiest celeb
Actress Scarlett Johansson has been voted Playboy magazine's sexiest celebrity leaving behind other bootylicious women like Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson.

"Scarlett Johansson is the apex of beauty and sensuality - from her porcelain skin to her fully feminine figure to her mysterious charisma, which is at once palpable and undefinable," the Playboy editors write.

They make it clear she's No. 1 and then name 24 other beauties, in no particular order, reports the Daily Mail.

Other hotties include Charisma Carpenter, who assisted in the dispatching of numerous monsters in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" on TV.

Others on the list are:

  • Kara Monaco
  • Willa Ford
  • Paris Hilton
  • Diora Baird
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Pussycat Dolls
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Charisma Carpenter
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Beyonce
  • Denise Richards
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Carmen Electra
  • Mercedes McNab
  • Cindy Margolis
  • Joanna Krupa
  • Jaime Pressly
  • Jessica Alba
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Kelly Monaco
  • Jenna Jameson
  • Vida Guerra