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Monday, February 19, 2007

My mom is gonna kill me, says bald Britney!

My mom is gonna kill me, says bald Britney!
The salon owner in whose shop Britney Spears went bald revealed that the first thing that the singer said when she saw her new look, was that her mother was sure to "freak".

The singer dropped in at a salon in California's San Fernando Valley at about 6pm and picked up an electric razor and started ripping through her hair as her fans looked on aghast, on Friday, Feb 16.

As she took a look at herself in the mirror, a teary Britney Spears reportedly blurted out to owner Esther Tognozzi that her mother was sure to loose her cool when she saw the 'Toxic' singer.

"'My mom is going to freak. She's gonna kill me,'" Hollywoodrag.com quoted Spears, as telling Tognozzi.

Tognozzi also insisted that she had tried to talk Spears out of getting rid of her hair, but the singer had not listened to her.

When the salon owner refused to touch Britney's locks, the singer picked up a scissor and hacked away her hair, and then used an electric shaver to rip out the rest.

People magazine reported that though Spears wasn't charged for her shave, Tognozzi is already planning to charge other customers who want the 'Brit-Buzz' as much as 200 dollars.

"Now I'm charging $200 for the Brit-Buzz Special!" People quoted her, as saying.


Anonymous said...

Well I do not know if this will make a difference, I beleive this woman because she is not a little girl anymore did this to probably call attention on a loved one like her mother. I also beleive that she is seriously into heavy drugs look at her pictures! she needs some serious rehab help. Maybe she can't do it by herself so she keeps f#@% up it's easier! or it's a point to her mom and everyone else that she wants to come out of the closet and this is her way.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but someone is going to go in and ask for the Brit Buzz for real. Tsk

Anonymous said...

Hey Britney you need to come back to earth.You have 2 kids.They love you and you are not being a good inflance to them.