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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Please gift her a pair of underpants: Madonna

Madonna and Britney Spear Kissing
Queen of Pop Madonna pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in her youth. And, for that very reason, her branding of Britney Spears' panty-less partying as "dreadful" will come as a surprise to many.

Nonetheless, the Material girl did slam celebs such as Spears, as well as Lindsay Lohan for being photographed without their underwear during an interview with US chat show host David Letterman.

"I've come to New York and the first thing I hear is about everyone not wearing their underpants. It's dreadful! What's going on? It's freezing outside!" The Sun quoted her, as saying.

Madonna also revealed that the reason it had taken so long to find out about the commando craze going on in celeb circles, is because she lives in England where she happens to be "pretty cut off" from stories like those of Britney and Lohan.

"I live in England and so I'm pretty cut off from a lot of these stories. I only read stuff about, or hear stuff about the Royal Family," she said.

However, when host David Letterman reminded the singer that there was a time when she had given him a pair of her underpants as a gift, one which still had, she jokingly told him to forward them to Spears.

"Maybe you could send them to Britney," Madonna quipped.