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Friday, December 08, 2006

Outrage at Hurley's Leopard-print Bikinis

She is undoubtedly one of Britain's leading fashionistas, but that hasn't stopped Elizabeth Hurley from coming into the line of fire, all thanks to the leopard-print bikinis she's designed for 2 to 10-year old girls.

The bikini, which is part of the 'Bedazzled' star’s latest swimwear collection, is causing outrage not only among parents, but also British MPs as well as children’s organizations.

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe slammed Hurley for "sexualising" children, who were still in the pre-pubescent stage of their lives.

"This is dreadful. It represents the sexualisation of children which is very dangerous indeed as well as being very undesirable," the Daily Mail quoted her, as saying.

Widdecomb added that while there was nothing wrong with there being leopard-print bikinis for adults, it was a different matter altogether when it comes to kids.

"There is nothing wrong with leopard skin prints if they are for adults - but certainly not for children," she said.

Bikini's in Hurley's new collection for kids, which mirrors garments in her women's collection, are ranged from 25 to 57 pounds.

Elaine Peace, children's services director at the charity NCH, slammed the former Estee Lauder model's choice of print for the kids' swimwear line, for it comes with the baggage of adult connotation.

"Leopard print is perhaps inappropriate because it is seen as an adult connotation especially in terms of it being seen as sexy wear," Peace said.

"When you're talking of young children of this age, it is only a distorted mind that would sexualise young children," she added.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! Pebbles from the Flinstones wore leopard print. Not sexy! Just cute.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! Pebbles from the Flinstones wore leopard print. Not sexy! But very cute.