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Friday, December 08, 2006

Hilton's intimate secret exposed!

Paris Hilton Bikini Waxes
Ever wonder why Paris Hilton would want to get snapped without her undies? Well, it seems that that's because she always makes it a point to groom that very private place on her body.

The 25-year old hotel heiress has been snapped quite often without underwear, and is currently encouraging new BFF Britney Spears to do the same.

Now, Hilton's bikini waxer Cindy Barshop, owner of the Completely Bare Salon, in New York, has revealed that the reason the socialite is so comfortable flashing her privates, is because she is always takes care to be well groomed down below.

"Paris is a customer of ours. I haven't done Britney, but we do see Paris for bikini waxes. I feel that if you do a completely bare wax, you feel cleaner, more comfortable and more groomed - it seems a little sexier," Us Weekly magazine quoted her, as saying.

Barshop also insisted that Hilton happened to be one of those women, who after getting a completely bare wax feel comfortable not wearing any underwear, and as that area is groomed, also don't feel embarrassed if they're snaps are taken.

"I think that with the completely bare waxing, they just feel comfortable enough with their bodies that they can skip the underwear. And, oops, if they do happen to flash someone, it's not as embarrassing because the area is groomed," she said.