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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Katie grabs sexy undies before wedding!

Katie grabs sexy undies before wedding!
Tom Cruise's fiancee Kate Holmes is all set to please her hubby-to-be with her sexy set of lingerie, for she recently went on a shopping spree for sensual underwear.

According to the Scoop, Katie spent over $3,000 on a recent visit to Le Bra Lingerie, a store in West Hollywood.

"They weren't all white - and they certainly weren't virginal. But she's a mom, so I guess that's appropriate," a shopper was quoted by the Bosh.com as saying.

The gossip column reports that a good third of the money that Katie spent went towards a "Chantilly lace bridal collection," which included a $340 thong, a $440 bra, a $220 garter belt and $95 stockings.

In addition, Holmes picked up a silk nightgown and robe set that cost $620, a $380 bra and $175 thong each with Swarovski crystals - and two PJ and robe sets for $425.