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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Johansson spitting mad over sexcapade tape!

Johansson spitting mad over sexcapade tape!
Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson is spitting mad, and the reason for her ire are reports that she is the leading lady in a steamy audio sex tape that has hit the Internet.

Johansson is said to have inadvertently made the tape after accidentally leaving her microphone on during a romp with beau Josh Hartnett in a parked car.

The couple, who hooked up while working on the film The Black Dahlia, can be heard having oral sex, the audio tape of which is being sold on the Internet for 26 dollars, reports NW magazine.

As for why people have been thinking that Johansson really is the leading lady in the audio clip, well a cryptic clue - that the actress could be known by a red letter "A", known as "the scarlet letter" – is the reason behind why most believe it's her.

This is not the first time that Johansson has become embroiled in a sexcapade. She was rumoured to have had sex with actor Benicio Del Toro in an elevator following an awards ceremony in 2004 – a rumour she hotly denied.

However, this time the actress has refused to comment on the authenticity of the tape.