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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why Lindsay called Paris Hilton a C**T

Why Lindsay called Paris Hilton a C**T
If Paris Hilton does not quit her habit of dating rivals' boyfriends and exes, she may continue to face four-letter fussilades from the jealous ladies.

Last week, Lindsay Lohan called "good-friend" Paris a "c**t," and the reason for the Mean Girl star's name-calling is perhaps becoming a little clearer, reports the Bosh.

When asked why she used the word she did, Lohan backtracked: "I never said that. Paris is my friend ... No, I love her."

But according to Life & Style magazine, Lindsay's outburst was sparked by the hotel heiress' relationship with Lindsay's on-off sweetie, Harry Morton.

The publication says that the 20-year-old "hit the roof" after she found out that Morton slept over at Hilton’s place on November 7.

Lohan confronted her nemesis the next night at the L.A. club Teddy's, reports the mag, which quotes a friend as saying that although the two are not currently dating, "Lindsay still loves Harry, and this is devastating her."