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Friday, June 01, 2007

Cruz's beau caught cuddling mystery blonde!

Penelope Cruz's beau caught cuddling mystery blonde!It seems that actress Penelope Cruz's charms have not been able to keep Josh Hartnett from trying his luck elsewhere.


The "Lucky Number Slevin" star, rumoured to be dating Cruz, was spotted cosying up with another woman.


Hartnett was spotted cuddling a blond model at New York's hotspot Snitch Bar on May 28.


"She sat on his lap in thigh-high black boots and white shorts while he chain-smoked," the New York Daily News quoted a source, as saying.


Meanwhile Hartnett revealed his naked butt to fellow dancers at a New York nightclub last week.


'The Black Dahlia' star was partying at Beatrice Inn on May 24, and as he danced, his low-slung jeans slipped down to expose his buttocks.