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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cameron can't understand plastic surgery

Cameron can't understand plastic surgery Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is not able to understand why people want to have plastic surgeries to change their looks.


The Charlie's Angels actress recently said that going under the knife "destroys people's character."


"Urgh! Have you seen those shows where ordinary people want to look like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt? The Daily Express quoted her, as saying.


"What on earth possesses them to want to destroy their own character? To go under the knife to do that, well, it's sick," she added.


Diaz, who was forced to have her nose fixed last year after she started to experience breathing problems, insisted that she will never opt to modify her features, even when she grows older.


"I had to have work on my nose for a deviated septum but I would never do anything else. I think beauty comes from the inside. When I see women who have had plastic surgery I find it unnerving. All I can see is the surgery. The person who has had it has vanished. I don’t want to look like that," she said.


Diaz also divulged that she had no worries about turning 35 soon and added that being in the 30’s is much easier.


"When I was in my 20s, I couldn't wait to be in my 30s – and I was totally right. It's so much easier being in your 30s. You have a lot more experience and you know, if you behave in a certain way, what the outcome is going to be," she said.


"When you're in your 30s, you have enough restraint to rethink that impulse. And you have the strategy of how to get to where it's a happier place," she added.