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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Most celebs not 'perfect partner' material!

Paris Hilton leaves the Los Angeles Municipal Court
It seems that most celebrities, who are dream dates for numerous men and women, do not fit the criteria of a perfect love partner.

Sun Singles, The Sun's online dating site, conducted a poll on ideal love partners and matched the results with celebrity profiles and the results have left only a handful of sexy celebs who fit the criteria.

Men prefer women with blonde hair and blue eyes, which makes gorgeous ladies like Kelly Brooks and Cameron Diaz unsuitable as love partners.

Both sexes say that smoking is a big turn-off, hence eliminating chain-smokers like Pete Doherty, Robbie Williams and Paris Hilton.

But complete teetotallers are not acceptable either, which means that Coldplay singer Chris Martin and TV personality Jordan, who has quit boozing for babies, are out of the race too.

Children from a prior relationship are a big no-no, which discards a host of celeb-parents including Pamela Anderson and Angelina Jolie.

But the decisive factor for both sexes is the single status tag, making hotties like Brad Pitt and David Beckham formally off the online dating market.

The poll found that for men, a perfect women must have blonde hair and blue eyes, be slim, single, relaxed and preferably with no children.

For women, an ideal partner should have dark brown hair, blue eyes, be single, relaxed, non-smoking and of medium build.


Anonymous said...

What kind of stupid poll is this now. Last time it was brunettes with brown eyes. Get it together. Men like all women . I am a tall slim brunette and my husband is shorter than I with dark hair and hazel brown green eyes. hahahah