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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kylie Minogue is tired and lonely

Kylie Minogue is tired and lonely
Australian pop star, Kylie Mingoue, may have found love in director, Alexander Dahm, but her friends say that the singer is lonely and worryingly near burn-out.

A source close to the singer said that when Kylie is away from the crowd, she seems to be a person, who is alone and tired.

"In her quiet moments, when she is away from the crowds and the cameras which follow her everywhere, we're seeing an altogether different Kylie these days. She is rather tired and rather lonely," the Daily Mail quoted the friend, as saying.

The source added that the singer is just good friends with Dahm, who is a married man, and that their relationship would have been different if he was single.

"And while she is genuinely just good friends with Alexander, there is no denying that she would feel entirely different if he was a single man," the friend said.

The confidante also said that although the 38-year-old wants to share her life with someone, she can’t bring herself to trust anyone after the way her former beau, actor Olivier Martinez treated her.

"The fact is that Kylie's desperate to find someone to share her life with, but after the way Olivier treated her she just can't bring herself to trust anyone," the source added.

The friend also said that Kylie is now concentrating on looking good, and ensuring that the ageing process doesn't show.

"She hasn't really got anything else in her life, so she's obsessing about her image and making sure the ageing process doesn't catch up with her," the source said.