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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lindsay Lohan screams too much during sex

Lindsay Lohan screams too much during sex
It seems that actress Lindsay Lohan is so loud when she has sex, that her new beau, Calumn Best needs ear-muffs.

A source said that Best has fallen for the 'Mean Girls' star's voluptuous body, which the 26-year-old claims is ‘the best he has ever seen'.

The source added that Best also jokes that the 21-year-old loves being on top, and controlling the pace during their love making sessions.

Best also told his friends that he requires ear-muffs because the actress screams so much during sex.

"Calum was knocked out by her body. He said she's got one of the best he's ever seen with all the curves in the right places," Hollywoodrag quoted the source, as saying.

"He joked that Lindsay loved being on top during sex and controlling the pace but sometimes he felt he needed ear-muffs because she screamed so much during sex," the source added.

The source also said that Best said that the actress is wild in bed and he has the 'bruises and bumps' to prove it. "Lindsay likes her sex rough and passionate and Calum says he has the bruises and bumps to prove it," the source said.