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Friday, February 23, 2007

Paris is 30 days away from giving up Celibacy

Paris is 30 days away from giving up Celibacy
Hotel heiress' Paris Hilton's year long bid to stay single and celibate will be over in 30 days.

Hilton and her party pals entered into a pact a year ago to enjoy the single life for a full year before getting serious about the future, reports www.hollywood.tv.

Kim Kardashian, a close friend of Hilton, said: "Me, Hilton and the girls are trying to stay single for one year. In March that'll be over. I'm a relationship kind of girl, but I think everyone needs a year in their life to be single."

Hilton, who said she'd be married and pregnant by 2010 in an interview two years ago, is making sure her men are lined up when her single stint comes to an end.

She recently celebrated her 26th birthday in Las Vegas over the weekend with two ex-boyfriends -- Stavros Niarchos and Brandon Davis. She was seen hopping between Niarchos and Davis, alternately kissing one and then the other between bites of sushi.

The cosy threesome reportedly shared a room at The Palms Hotel and Casino.