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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hugh Grant was too middle-class for Jemima

Hugh Grant was too middle-class for Jemima
For those wondering what really caused the Hugh Grant-Jemima Khan split, well it seems that the even after three-years together, it was the space between their different backgrounds that the two just couldn’t bridge.

A friend of Jemima's family said that everyone on her side had been pretty sure that the couple's relationship would not stand the test of time, and that too because Grant happened to be "just too middle-class" for the family.

"The fact is that, from the very beginning, the Goldsmith clan realised Jemima's relationship with Hugh would not last. In the final analysis they came from different worlds," the Daily Mail quoted the pal, as saying.

"To put it bluntly, Hugh was just too middle-class for the Goldsmiths, so he was always living on borrowed time. In fact, he did rather well to last as long as he did," the pal added.

And, what caused a further rift in the relationship was the fact that while Grant refused to completely cut-off ties with former ladylove Elizabeth Hurley, Jemima’s aristocratic mother Lady Annabel Goldsmith, preferred her ex son-in-law, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan to Grant.

Imran is due to visit London and is expected to stay in his usual guest suite at Lady Annabel's luxurious house.

"There is no question of Jemima and Imran getting back together, but nevertheless, Annabel treats him like a prince and very much values his opinion," an insider revealed.

"Imran has always felt that Hugh is just a flighty fop, a mediocre film actor with no real purpose in life. And to a greater or lesser extent, Annabel agreed with him. So there was really no way Hugh was ever going to break into the Goldsmith family's inner circle," the source added.

Also adding strain to the couple's relationship was the fact that while she was the fun-loving one, he preferred to stay at home.

"Much to her disappointment, it turned out that Hugh didn't like socialising at all. In fact, he hated it. He even resented having to promote his films, and would rather stay at home than go out to eat at a restaurant, anathema to Jemima," the source said.


Anonymous said...

This pathetic woman had this story planted in the UK press. She has obsessed over Hugh for the last 3 years and tried to force him to commit while he was worried that she was too full on.

Jemima come from a wealthy family but money does not equal class. Her polygamist father and skanky mother's behavior is straight off the Ricki Lake show. This is just silly propaganda from a silly woman scorned.

spitbook.com said...

There both hideous and should never be talked about!