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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sex with Angelina Jolie is weird : Matt Damon

Sex with Angelina Jolie is weird says Matt Damon
While most men would give an arm and a leg to have sex with one of Hollywood's sexiest actresses Angelina Jolie' her The Good Shepherd co-star Matt Damon thinks that sleeping with her is "weird".

As for why Damon, who shares a steamy on-screen sex scene with Jolie in the upcoming new flick, feels this way, well that's because the actress' beau Brad Pitt happens to be a good friend of his.

"Doing a love scene with the girlfriend of a good friend is weird. We all know each other," Contactmusic quoted him, as telling US TV show Good Morning America.

However Jolie is not so bothered about the steamy scene, and insists that Pitt, and Damon's wife Luciana Bozan Barroso couldn't have "cared less" about the love scene, for all four of them are very secure in their respective relationships.

"One's a friend and one's my love," the Post Chronicle quoted her, as telling GMA host Diane Sawyer. "In reality, both the people we're involved with couldn't have cared less about that (love scene) because they know us," she said.

"It's one of those things where it's like the least threatening person. Good luck to you guys, I hope it's not too awkward," Jolie added.

The 31-year old mum of three recently opened up about her relationship with Pitt, and in her first in-depth interview in two years revealed that she had never intentionally set out to break-up Pitt's marriage to star Jennifer Aniston.