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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Penelope Cruz Loves Lesbian Gossip

Penelope Cruz Loves Lesbian Gossip
The fantasy of Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek being lovers might dwell in the mind of every mortal in Hayek's native Mexico, but they seem to have no effect on the Vanilla Sky actress.

Instead of denying the gossips Cruz is fanning them, and claims she knows why those lesbian rumors refuse to die. She insists that it's all just a publicity stunt, which she herself has fomented by acting extra cozy with her Mexican friend.

Cruz and actress Salma Hayek became close friends seven years back when Cruz moved to the US and their friendship started off a lot of gossip. But the rumours spread when Cruz groped Hayek's behind at a press conference while they were promoting the movie "Banditas", said newsweek.com.

Cruz said, "I grabbed Salma's ass just to keep things moving, because everyone was a little slow. And of course, the energy changed when I did that. There are magazine covers in Mexico describing us as these lesbians because of that. A lot of people were saying we were lovers."