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Friday, October 27, 2006

Kate Winslet gets sick of stripping on screen

Kate Winslet gets sick of stripping on screen
British actress Kate Winslet insists stripping off for sex scenes in movies leaves her feeling terribly sick.

In her new film "Little Children", which portrays Winslet as a reluctant mother and housewife who cheats on her husband and has little interest in her kids, the actress had to expose her all while filming a raunchy session with co-star Patrick Wilson.

But the Titanic beauty, who looked dazzling at the premiere of her upcoming film, admits she detests getting naked in front of the cameras, as they make her feel disgusted.

"As an actress, when you have to take your clothes off and get naked it's really, really terrible," The Daily Mail quoted her, as saying.

"It's a terrible day and when you wake up you feel sick and you think to yourself, 'I must be absolutely mad and I must remember not to do this ever again'," she added.

The film had its British premiere as part of the London Film Festival.