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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jemima is bursting out of her bra!

Jemima is bursting out of her bra!
Rumours are rife that Hugh Grant's ladylove Jemima Khan has gone under the knife, for she was recently spotted sporting ample new curves.

The mother of two, wearing a figure-hugging black dress and matching Fendi belt, turned heads with a strikingly busty look as she headed to Annabel's nightclub.

"It has been rumoured that Jemima has had some work done, and the evidence does seem pretty strong, but she doesn't talk about it," a friend of Jemima's was quoted by the Daily Mail, as saying.

Cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis said, "It's clear to me that she has been boosted in the breast region. They are certainly fuller with more volume and it would be one heck of a trick for a bra to achieve that.

"She is a very slim woman and in those situations the first thing that usually goes is the bust. Obviously she's had kids as well, which also has its repercussions on the breasts, so it looks likely she's had some form of enhancement.

Whatever she has had done, it looks great to me," he added.

Harley Street plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni agreed, saying: "The upper areas have a natural rounded appearance and her sexy, stunning cleavage has to be due to more than a good padded bra."