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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fellow models afraid of Naomi's fiery temper

Fellow models afraid of Naomi's fiery temper
While her infamous temper has let her down in the eyes of some, it has also helped Naomi Campbell 'coerce' respect from her fellow models.

The other catwalk beauties have seemingly become so afraid of rubbing the supermodel the wrong way, that they prefer to have adopted the attitude of "better be nice with her lest she'll throw her tantrums on them".

"Naomi is fabulous! She's crazy! Every time I hang out with her, I'm so nice to her because I'm so afraid of her," the New York Post quoted Eve Salvail, as telling Steppin' Out magazine.

Salvail, who shaves her head and had it tattooed, further added, "I love her even though she hits people on the head with her cellphone. That's just part of who she is...

"Everybody is afraid of me because of my tattoo on my head and everyone is afraid of her because she'll bash you on the head. She'll [bleep] you up good!"