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Friday, March 21, 2008

Jenna Jameson wants Theron to Pose Nude

jenna jameson peta naked
Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson desperately wants Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron to pose naked for PETA's "Go Naked" campaign.

Jameson admitted she thinks Theron should pose for animal rights group PETA's "Go Naked" campaign.

"It would be amazing if Charlize Theron did one of our 'Go Naked' campaigns. I saw her just the other day and she just blew me away.

"Charlize is so sexy - I would totally love for her to go naked. I'd die for that," Jameson said.

The adult star is the new spokesperson for the group's anti-leather campaign and added that Theron can take over from her as an "ultimate sex icon".

She said: "Bettie Page was the ultimate sex icon. Next came Marilyn Monroe, then Pamela Anderson, then me. Now I'm on the lookout for the next woman to pass my title on to. Charlize would be perfect."


celebrity skins said...

Oh! Mannnnnn!!!! This is one of the thing I would definitely hook up an eye to. "Go Naked" campaign!!!!