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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lindsay Goes Nude For Marilyn Monroe

lindsay lohan poses naked as marilyn monroeLindsay Lohan has bared all to recreate the last photo shoot of her idol, Marilyn Monroe, in the latest issue of New York magazine.

Lohan wore a blonde wig, and not much else, for Bert Stern who photographed Monroe in 1962 at the Hotel Bel-Air in California - six weeks before she was found dead of a drug overdose.

Stern recreated the images with Lohan in the same hotel. Wearing not much more than some diamonds some thin fabric, Lohan hit the same poses Monroe did 46 years ago.

Stern chose the self-described Marilyn fanatic for the classic shots because he suspected Lindsay "had a lot more depth to her" than one might think.

Lindsay says she's always had a fascination with the 1950s icon. She owns an apartment where Marilyn once lived and has a huge painting of the bottle blonde.

"It's eerie because it's this picture of her, and it's kind of cartoony, and there's a big bottle of pills next to her, and they've fallen over," the 21-year-old explains.

Lohan said deciding to pose nude was easy, "I didn't have to put much thought into it. I mean, Bert Stern? Doing a Marilyn shoot? When is that ever going to come up? It's really an honour," she told the magazine.

Lohan said Monroe's suicide was "tragic" and said it, along with the death of Heath Ledger from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, "are both prime examples of what this industry can do to someone".

She is adamant, however, that she will not meet a similar fate, saying, "I sure as hell wouldn't let it happen to me."

Lohan is no stranger to the darker side of celebrity, suffering numerous run-ins with police and engaging in the odd stint in rehab.

The original photo shoot for Marilyn Monroe called "The Last Sitting".


Anonymous said...

Nancy Miracle did real shoot of nudes of Marilyn last October photos on web at marilyn monroe foundation bert stern and lindsay lohan copy cats and not good at it.