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Monday, December 24, 2007

Britney Spears hooks up with Adnan the snapper

Britney snaps up a new man AdnanBritney Spears is obviously taking heed of the saying 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer' after being spotted on a date with a paparazzo.

The pop princess partied the night away with a goaty-bearded photographer at a Hollywood hotel after getting his number from a friend and asking him on a date.

She first started the night playing matchmaker by asking paparazzi in Malibu for a photographer called Phillipe, who her assistant fancied.

She then asked Phillipe to bring along his pap friend Adnan and when he arrived they jumped into his car heading off towards her Hollywood Hills.

Ater nipping home for a quick change of clothes, the pair headed off to The Peninsula Hotel with a grinning Adnan emerging at 4am for a cigarette.

Earlier in the evening the pop minx had thrown a hissy fit at paparazzi who blocked her taking a photograph of a roadside mural.

She threw her own camera on the ground in anger and then had to make a grovelling return to look for a missing memory card - only for a snapper to find it for her.