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Friday, November 16, 2007

Jessica Looking For A Man with Cute Butts

Jessica Looking For A Man with Cute ButtsMen who want to date Jessica Simpson, then better make sure that they have 'cute butts', for that's the first attribute the singer will be checking out.


Also high up on the singer's list of priorities for her man is that he should not only be a family man, but also be willing to be put under the scanner by her grandparents.


"Like, if a kid were to come up to him and tug on his shirt, he'd pick him up on twirl him around. I definitely love a family man, a guy that's not afraid to pick up the babies," usmagazine.com quoted her, as saying on talk show The View.


"And somebody who wants to meet my grandparents immediately ... if he has a cute butt, that's all right," she added.


For the moment however, Simpson has no plans for planning another wedding, for she just too busy making music.

"I'm kind of married to my music right now and focusing on writing an album," she said.

Simpson has been married once to singer Nick Lachey, and has also been in failed relationships with singers Adam Levine, John Mayer.