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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Britney Spears planning to buy Kids

Britney Spears planning to buy KidsAccording to latest news Britney Spears isall set to offer ex-hubby Kevin Federline a multi-million dollar cash-for-kids deal to get joint custody of her sons.


The distraught singer made her secret move in the Battle of the Cokeheads after Kevin banned her from her youngest boy's birthday party last week.


Britney is desperate to stop the tussle over year-old Jayden James and Sean Preston, two, from going to court because she thinks Federline will dish so much dirt on her that she'll lose.


And part of the deal she thrashed out with lawyers involves a gagging clause to stop her ex pursuing what she sees as a vicious campaign to show her as an unfit mother.


Britney Spears reportedly makes her children 'unsettled and upset' because she doesn't have them on a routine. Past reports have said the troubled singer keeps the young boys up way too late at night so they won't wake up early in the morning.

The 25-year-old star didn't help her cause earlier in the week with a disastrous glassy-eyed and bloated "comeback" appearance at the MTV awards. But K-Fed has also blotted his copybook with a sex and cocaine orgy.