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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Angelina Jolie gets Virtually Naked

Angelina Jolie gets Virtually NakedActress Angelina Jolie is set to wow fans with her body once again after it was revealed she will be stripping down to nothing in scenes for her new movie.


The stunning actress is playing the mother of Grendel the evil monster in a movie adaptation of the classic tale of BEOWULF, and in one scene appears in nothing by golden paint.


In the trailer, Jolie can be seen emerging from a lake completely naked but covered in a golden sheen, contactmusic.com reported. The movie also has Ray Winstone and Sir Anthony Hopkins.


Jolie had taken a break from acting after the birth of her baby but now has begun filming a new action role and is eager to get back to work.


She said, "It seemed like a good thing for me - and my family agreed - to have a reason to get strong and do something that was not serious."