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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kate Moss 'Wakes Up' From Pete Nightmare

Kate Moss 'Wakes Up' From Pete NightmareKate Moss' pals have claimed the supermodel is a new woman after "waking up after the nightmare" of Pete Doherty.


Moss is said to have got serious about her health and looks for the first time in her life as her support network of friends and family ensure she doesn’t go back to troubled rocker Doherty following their split in June.


"Pete's like a drug to her. It's as if she's addicted to him and even though she knows he's bad news, she can't help being drawn to him," a source close to Kate tells the Mail.

"Now she's finally kicked him out, she's come to her senses and realised her life is a mess. It's like she's woken up after a nightmare. So she's on a campaign to sort herself out and get healthy - and everyone is clubbing together to make sure it succeeds.

"That's unheard of for Kate. She always did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and still looked amazing. But something fundamental has changed."

Meanwhile it seems little has changed for Pete. The Mail reports him holed up in his London flat smoking cocaine, telling his assembled cronies that he is no longer addicted to drugs.