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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paris Hilton is a princess in jail!

Paris Hilton is a princess in jail!It seems that Paris Hilton's entry into the slammer has proved advantageous to fellow inmates.


Despite reports that the heiress wont be given any preferential treatment, sources have revealed that the special care to Paris' by the jail authorities has benefited the whole facility.


According to Soraya Lopez, an inmate, Paris has become "top dog" in jail been donning make-up and white and pink polka dot prison scrubs instead of the orange suit commentators speculated on.


Soraya also said that fellow inmates were delighted by Paris' presence, as food and conditions in jail improved strikingly.


"They are thankful. The whole facility is benefiting from this - they are feeding us better and releasing us earlier because they don't want people around her," The Sun quoted Soraya, as saying.


Talking about Paris' special treatment, Soraya, who served a week behind bars for failing to turn up to court for traffic violations, said that Paris was wearing lip gloss and mascara, unlike other girls, who restricted to using coffee grounds and fruit punch for lipstick and blush.

Soraya also added that Paris' privileged status even includes her own security guard stationed at her bedside.