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Monday, June 25, 2007

Jessica Simpson's Clothes Got Peed On?

Jessica Simpson's Clothes Got Peed On?If Jessica Simpson is carrying round a rather musky smell with her it might be because her stylist reportedly lets her pet dog do its business on her client’s clothes.


Stylist to the stars Jessica Paster, who also dresses Sarah Jessica Parker, recently held a casting call to find a new assistant.


A spy tells Page Six that candidates were horrified when they entered Jessica's Hollywood Hills home for the interview.


Says the source, "It was a mess. There were disorganized racks of dresses and piles of clothing she had pulled from designers all over the floor.


“Her little dog peed everywhere - including on the clothes - throughout the day, and we had to follow it around and clean up after it. It smelled."


Jessica charges up to $5k a day for making her clients smell of dog's piss.