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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celebrity Gossips at Celebritygossip.com

Celebrity Gossips at Celebritygossip.com
If you are a celebrity gossip fan, this site is going to satisfy your appetite with a huge celebrity dish. To discover the latest and greatest on just about any celebrity, stop into Celebrity Gossip Site. This site is owned by First Beat Media, Inc. which is an online entertainment media company, dedicated to being the best source of juicy gossip, scandals rumors, speculation, opinions, assumptions, and even factual information about all of the celebrities!

Navigation on this site is extremely straightforward. The posts run down the left of the opening page. When first going to this celebrity site it is a vibrant bright pink for the header always eye catching for the girls. On this site you can vote to rate the article that they have written but to do this you must register or log in. There is a different flavor of juice for every fan's glass here. you can grab a quick link for any of the recent posts and email gossips, and bookmark it.

As with most of the celebrity sites out there it give you the up to date gossip on who is doing what and what is going on with all celebrities you can click on Hot or Latest to get the scoop. If you click on celebrities on celebrities you will see a celebrity profile list, click your favorite and it will log up all there details and biography of the celebrity. Site also offers a bonus points for inviting your friends, which you can use to redeem for Celebrity Magazines subscriptions.

Overall a good celebrity gossip site which gives you the gossip that you need from celebrity world.

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