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Monday, May 28, 2007

Sexiest stars in Hollywood! - Jessica Biel

Sexiest stars in Hollywood! - Jessica Biel
The results are in, and the sexiest stars in Hollywood have all been lined up in a poll by Life & Style magazine.

According to the magazine, the celeb with the most athletic body happens to be Stealth beauty, and Justin Timberlake's current lady love Jessica Biel.

She's got the entire package," The Bosh quoted Susi May of FitSugar.com, as telling the magazine. The best legs in Hollywood however, belong to Goldie Hawn's actress daughter Kate Hudson. "Those S Factor strip aerobics classes are paying off in stripes," said Susi.

The star with the 'Shapeliest Shoulders' is Jessica Alba, who likes to work her shoulders and back, as fitness pro Ramona Braganza, who does circuit training with Jess, tells Life & Style.

When it comes to the men, while Matthew McConaughey is the man with the 'Perfect Pecs', in Hollywood, actor and Dancing With the Stars contestant Mario Lopez is the one with the 'Most Chiseled Six-Pack'.