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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Britney Spears to 'tell-all' for 10 million dollars

Britney Spears to 'tell-all' for 10 million dollars
Even as pop star Britney Spears recently announced her intention of coming out with a tell-all book, publishers have apparently lined up to bid on the rights, which are likely to sell for as much as 10 million dollars, if the project actually survives.

Spears will reportedly disclose some shocking and unpleasant information about the people who did her wrong in her upcoming tell-all tome.

According to Star Magazine, the 'Toxic' singer will look into topics such as how life with Kevin Federline nearly forced her to commit suicide.

"His womanizing, his wild spending, the verbal abuse he hurled at her when he thought their marriage was coming to an end. Britney will say he deliberately tried to drive her crazy," e!Online quoted an unnamed source, as telling the mag.

"She feels Kevin just pretended to love her for the money and a music career. When that sunk in, she was so heartbroken that she wanted to kill herself," the source added.

The same source also added that Spears would talk about her certainty that her mother, Lynne, is responsible for most of her problems.

"Britney will call her a 'stage mom from hell' and blame her for almost every ill in her life," the source told the magazine. "She'll say Lynne's money hungry and that she was just along for the free ride. Britney thinks of her as a meddling, smothering person and blames her for her messy marriages," the source said.

Britney's dad Jamie will also be slammed in the autobiographical account following his recent public war of words with his daughter.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Post, Vanity Fair and Allure are trying their best to secure the first post-meltdown interview with the "Oops" singer.

"We would love to have Britney, but nothing is scheduled yet," an Allure rep told the paper, while Vanity Fair refused to comment.


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Dumb broad! We warned her but she didn't listen, and is still profoundly deaf.