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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Eva Longoria Desperate to do Sexy Roles

Eva Longoria Desperate to do Sexy Roles
Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria wants to cash in on all her oomph and play sexy roles while she can.

The star who turned 32 last month, said that she was keen to exploit her sex appeal to the fullest before age catches up with her.

"Probably 80 per cent of the scripts I get are dramatic. I've had very few sexy offers, to the point that I'm getting annoyed and going 'Hey! Where's the sexy stuff?'" she was quoted by the Sun, as saying.

"I'm going with the sexy roles for a long as I can, because women have an expiration date in this business,' she added."

But she also reckons that Desperate Housewives has done wonders for the slightly older ladies.

"That expiration date is getting later and later, because of Desperate Housewives," she said.


Anonymous said...

That push up bra is doing wonders for her rack