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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Britney fallen hard for basket player Luke!

Britney fallen hard for basket player Luke!
Looks like Britney Spears is following in Eva Longoria's heels by reportedly having fallen hard and fast for basket player Luke Walton.

And if the reports are true, then it seems that Spears will soon be shopping for a lot of high-heeled shoes, for at 6ft 8ins, the LA Lakers forward stands more than a foot higher than her 5ft 4ins singer.

A source revealed that her new beau was one of the reasons the singer has been spotted so often at a Lakers' game in the recent weeks.

"Britney is certainly sports-mad since dating Luke. She even chants his name when the rest of the fans do. Her face lights up when she sees him do well. She's really fallen for him," the Mirror quoted the source, as saying.

Another insider added that Walton was the perfect man for Spears, for unlike estranged hubby Kevin Federline, he has a solid career, and is a star in his own field with a huge fan following.

"This is just what Britney needs. A careerdriven man to keep her on the straight and narrow - not someone that she has to support. It's early days yet but she's happy," the insider added.

Life has finally been looking up for Spears, for not only has her spate of erratic behaviour stopped ever since her stint at the Promises rehab clinic last month, but she and K-Fed have also reached a divorce settlement agreement wherein she gets to keep the kids, and he gets a paltry 1 million dollars.