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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Make-up makes my bum look perfect: Miller

Make-up makes my bum look perfect: Miller
Sienna Miller's body may look flawless on screen, but she insists that it's all thanks to make-up and perfect lighting.

The British beauty insists that beneath all the make-up, she has stretch marks just like any other woman.

"They put make-up all over your body so it looks like you have a nice bum and you don't see the stretch marks that us girls all have," The Sun quoted her, as saying.

"It may look like I'm comfortable but I'm not. They take hours lighting the scene so that you don't see every lump and bump and they spray your bum so it looks nice - but it doesn't really look like that in real life.

"I remember a shot in W magazine and I'm arching back a little bit and then you see the picture and it's this perfect a**e - and it's not like that.

"With all those magazines I think it's important that young people know that it's a nice perfection but it's not real - they put things in and take things out of it," Miller insisted.

The British actress also insists that though she has fun 'dabbling' in hair and make-up once in a while, she has no 'delusions' that she is 'perfect'.

"I'm not under any delusions of perfection and I don't feel glamorous at all. It's fun now and then to dabble in hair and make-up but I wouldn't want to every day," said Sienna.

"It's very nice to be glamorised and made up but it's not a real thing," she added.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised nobody has noticed Miss. Miller's chest hanging out of her loose shirt. Quite disturbing.