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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is Lindsay Lohan going the Britney Spears way?

Is Lindsay Lohan going the Britney Spears way?
While on one hand outraged Lindsay Lohan has publicly told troubled pal Britney Spears to stop with the scandals, on the other she herself is aping the Toxic star in one way or the other.

Lazy Lohan, who has cut back on the partying since she got out of rehab last month, has been showing a few signs that indicate she may be back to the old Lindsay.

The actress has had a dramatic change in hair style, which even though is not like a full-on Britney's head-shave, is peculiar in its own way.

Lindsay has gone for a blonde dye, which at present resemble more of a strawberry blonde colour.

The party lass is, however, not done with the colouring, as she told snappers outside the Neil George Salon in LA that she is at the half way stage on the 'bleaching' process.

"You have to strip out the brown dye first. Then I can go blonde," The Sun quoted her, as saying.

Meanwhile, the actress also seems to have become more tolerant in her treatment with the pesky paparazzi.

Generous Lohan ordered pizza for shutterbugs who tracked her down to the hair salon in Beverly Hills, California, on Tuesday night - so they could eat while they waited for her.

But she wasn't feeling quite as kind when she left the salon - as depite having kept the photographers waiting, she refused to pose for photos, claiming that her new hairstyle wasn't complete and she'd be back for highlights.


hottie with a cute body#1 said...

lindsay i think you need to stop acting like britnaey spear and personally i think your a sluty bitch.thank-you