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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Beckham eyes ex-model, Posh walks out

Beckham eyes ex-model, Posh walks out
It seems that soccer star David Beckham irked his wife Victoria by reportedly checking out former model Kelly Killoren Bensimon at Nobu restaurant in London.

Beckham, along with his wife, was seated near Kelly's table and sources say that the soccer stud was going out of his way to glance at the former model.

"Beckham was straining his neck to check Kelly out the entire time. Everyone at her table was commenting on it," the New York Post quoted a witness, as saying.

Beckham's wife and former Spicegirl, Victoria Beckham, who was not really impressed by her husband’s conduct, left the restaurant without eating anything.

"Finally, Posh got up and left, and she barely ate anything," the witness added.

However, Beckham's rep, while denying the reports, specified that the footballer was checking out no one except his wife.

"If David was checking anyone out, it was his wife," the rep said.


DirtyRottenGossip.com said...

How convenient, she left without eating anything.

Anonymous said...

The last person on this earth I would eye up is Beckhams wife ,for a better term.If she were not an ex spice girl she would be working in "wollies".She thinks she is beautiful,give me a break,ive seen more beautiful girls in Lithuania.
By the way her intelligence you can put on the back of a postage stamp. Signed Pup Joint.