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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paris Hilton’s Anti-Gay Slurs create a furore

Paris Hilton’s Anti-Gay Slurs create a furore
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has sparked a controversy again, and this time she has created a furore for her alleged anti- gay terms and racist slur.

The home video on ParisExposed.com showed Paris and her sister Nicky using the word 'faggot' repeatedly at someone, and stating that they were 'like two n......s'.

Gay rights leaders have criticised the Simple star for uttering such words, asking her to take responsibility for them. They've disapproved of Paris saying them on camera, as they feel she has created a permanent record by doing so.

"When Paris Hilton utters these words into a camera, it creates a permanent record that..she must bear responsibility for," Contactmusic quoted the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) president Neil Giuliano, as saying.

"These are not frivolous words and to use them as if they are, gives tacit sanction to the racism and homophobia they engender," he added.

The president also asked Paris to go on record and publicly apologise to all those affronted by her comments.

"Go on the record, explain herself, and publicly apologize to the LGBT and African American communities and all those offended by these slurs," he added.

The date of the clip is unknown. While some say it was shot in a recent party, others believe it was taped almost six years ago.


Mike said...

We've just got to do something about this!

Anonymous said...

That thing is just Nasty