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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trump asks Spears to dump partying!

Trump asks Spears to dump partying!
Trump has said that it is high time that the Toxic singer resumes her duties as a good mother to her two kids Sean Preston and Jayden James, and that she should sort her music career before her glory fades away.

"She wants some free time but now, Britney, it's time to settle down and get back to work. It's time to get back to being a mother and being a star," Contactmusic quoted Trump, as telling 'The Scoop'.

However, Trump is not the only one trying to set the 25-year-old pop singer right.

Recently a source close to Spears' estranged hubby Kevin Federline, revealed that after threatening to take away her sons from her, the rapper had begged her to seek help from rehab before it was too late.


May said...

So I ask Trump to coam his hair, voila!